Type: Rider


Type: Rider is nice a mobile and educational game. Has great use of sound and visual to project its goal. It uses two dot to take you to a journey through history displayed as a background and use letters with symbols as a maze course. This game looks like it took a lot of research to be developed with so much information and details that presents to you. In my opinion Typography can enrich your writing because it fun, creative and kind of puts your brain to work a little to try to get the message. Maybe cool designs and such gets your attention and makes your memorize or remember things better in the future. If you are looking for a distraction while you’re waiting I recommend this game, it’s fun and you might learn a thing or two.


The conclusion of a busy and interesting week.

Well ladies and gentleman this have been my seven day team preview for teams that are in the lottery. This blog was crated for my English class Digital Writing for the Media by Professor Leonardo Flores. But i had a lot of fun doing this sort of thing, don’t worry it will continue to exist. I hope to do this types of previews for the next year’s draft. If you really like the stuff I post, there will be more entries maybe I will post about some of the offseason movements that may occur. Other of my passions are video games, although I don’t have much time to play because of my University work, maybe I post small blogs about news around the gaming industries, something that peaks my interest and it is worth to share I will gladly do it. So please follow my blog to keep up to date with content.

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(Day-7) The Perfect Storm.

There is no other way that I can put this. Seven days ago this draft was set on a steady course. Then Joel Embiid’s injury happened, it completely change every possible scenario on draft day.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Philadelphia 76ers

Michael Carter-Willia

● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 3rd pick in the first round
– 10th pick in the first round
– 32nd pick in the second round
– 39th pick in the second round

The 76ers are just rebuilding this team slowly but surely. One week it sure was like a dream come true for them. They were sure their guy Andrew Wiggins was going to be available at the third pick, until Embiid miss fortune. I think just pushed the panic button. This team have one thing going for them, they don’t have any pressure to be good. They can take any gamble they would like to and they would not be criticized. They have tons of assets they can juggle around. There is not much to say, this team is as unpredictable as it can get. If I where the GM I would took a gamble on Dante Exum with the 3rd pick and trade MCW for the highest pick I could take.

2. Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo

● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 2nd pick in the first round
– 31st pick in the second round
– 36th pick in the second round
– 48th pick in the second round

The front office of made a first round playoff team, but injuries and looker room problems earn this team the worst record of the league. Right now the Milwaukee Bucks are just playing the waiting game. There have been reports that the prime target is Jabari Parker, but he might be gone by the time they get to pick. In my opinion this team has some potential to be good in the near future. They took a gamble drafting the Giannis Antetokounmpo with the 15th pick and it worked. In my opinion this team need to move Larry Sanders while he have some value. This dude seems like trouble in the locker room.

1.Cleveland Cavaliers

Dion Waiter (3) & Kyrie Irving (2)

Dion Waiter (3) & Kyrie Irving (2)

● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 1st pick in the first round
– 33rd  pick in the second round

Cleveland suffers from an impatient, demanding and loud owner. He had the best player of the league for 7 years and the front office wasn’t able to give him the tools to win a championship. Then LeBron leaves (rightfully so) and the city, the fans and the owner goes crazy. This results in a grate pressure for the GM. The owner thought with a flick of the finger his team would be a contender without the best player in the NBA. A year after the departure of LeBron the Cavaliers get the 1st and 4th picks in the 2011 NBA Draft.  With the first pick they select Kyrie Irving whom there were some question about his health because he only play ten college games. So far he have been solid, but haven’t been able to help the Cavs reach a playoff spot. With the fourth pick they selected Tristan Thompson, in my opinion this is one of the many reaches in my opinion they have on their recent draft selections. On 2012 they had the 4th pick and took another reach on Dion Waiters. While experts had Andre Drummond, a seven foot with incredible athleticism, Harrison Barnes, a solid all around SF, rank ahead of him. Dion can make or break a game, when he plays he plays hard, but there are times when he doesn’t look interested. Another thing is that the back court of Dion and Kyrie doesn’t seems to fit, both aren’t reliable defenders, both are dominant ball handlers and Dion is not a spot up shooter to justify having both at the same time in the court. On the 2013 Draft it seems they forgot their on mentality “we must win now” and selected Anthony Bennett, this guy had some serious question about what position he could play, also he was coming out of shoulder surgery that, didn’t allow him to stay in shape. 2014 comes and they get rewarded with another first pick. I honestly don’t dare to try to give a confident on what they will do, because if they don’t listen to the experts, they don’t have a clear team building play. So good luck to the Cavs fans on draft night.

(Day-6) Calm before the storm.


Derrick Favors(15), Alec Burks(10), Gordan Hayward(20), Enes Kanter(0) & Trey Burkes(3).

5. Utah Jazz
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 5 pick in the first round
– 25 pick in the first round

The Utah Jazz had one plan, tank, tank and more tank. They took 2 horrendous contracts from the Golden State Warriors. They put up a young and inexperienced roster on the court. The clear goal since the season started for this team was to draft Jabari Parker. Unfortunately the end up winning enough games to stay out of the top three. Although they try engage in trade conversations with the Cavaliers, there have been no response from the Cavs. After all this team is not in a bad position at all, If they think they can upgrade the PG with Marcus Smart they will take him, but there have been some manipulation from Smart’s agent to steer Utah’s interest away from Marcus. The other option is too take Aaron Gordon to fill the SF spot if they think they have to over pay for their current SF Gordan Hayward. The third option will be, they take a PF and move Derrick Favors to the C position.

(6/23/2014 8:00 PM)  Breaking Rumors!

That’s INSANE !! That is a solid trade i would considered… Wow… i am speachless, the Jazz are willing to take a few steps back to move a couple foward.


Dante Exum

4. Orlando Magic
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 4 pick in the first round
– 12 pick in the first round

The Orlando Magic have a whole set of option. Like I said in my previous post that include  the Magic, this team is expected to be active doing transactions on Draft Day. The newest rumor is that, they are trying to move Aaron Afflalo to the Chicago Bulls for the rights to  the 16th or 19th pick. This team has made it clear that they are chasing desperately a PG but since the injury from Joel Embiid, Dante Exum the guy that they were hoping to get may be out of their reach. The other option would be Marcus Smart a guy that they were very high on last year, but recent questioning on Samrt’s ability to shoot the ball may scare them of.

(Day-5) Rebuilding Legacies.


Kobe Bryant

7. Los Angeles Lakers
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 7th pick in the first round

Ever since the deceased of Dr. Jerry Buss this team has gone  out of control. The front office is so arrogant and delusional when it comes to trading and free agency market. First they get Mike Brown as a  head coach he got exposed that he doesn’t know offence, then they pick up Mike D’Antoni as a head coach when he was already exposed with the Knicks and later with the Lakers that he doesn’t know defense and they pick up an aging Steve Nash. On August the team trade for Dwight Howard, moths after the trade it was clear in the media that   he was unhappy with the current situation on the team and they   don’t do anything. Dwight Howard was about to become a free agent and they force him walk away for nothing. Sadly Kobe Bryant had 2 straight injuries, reducing the team’s playoff chance to zero. They build a team to fail and give Kobe a 42 million dollars contract extension, which he is worth but puts the team in a rough spot. We are just a few days away of the days and it is unclear what the Lakers will do and haven’t filled their head coach vacancy.  By the way they have only 4 player under contract, yet this team is dreaming about getting Kevin Love or Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors.


Gerald Wallace(45), Rajon Rondo(9), Kelly Olynyk(41), Jared Sullinger(7)

6. Boston Celtics
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 6th pick in the first round
– 17th pick in the first round

The Boston Celtic have been rebuilding since they let Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce go. The thing is that they doesn’t seem 100 percent into the rebuilding process. Yes they let KG and Paul go, but they get guys like Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphires and Marshon Brooks that can get you some wins, putting in jeopardy their draft pick. Then they start acquiring average Joes that doesn’t make the team better nor worst. There have been strong rumor about them trading Rajon Rondo, but the front office dismiss the rumor while looking deals at the back end. Make you team around or just trade him and start from zero. This team needs stop flip flopping and set clear roles. If they are staying with Rondo what player they have to compliment him with quality players, Avery Bradley is a good player to start. I like them to keep Jeff Green and Brandon Bass although they are not stars, they are solid role players.

(Day-4) The Dreams and Nightmares.

9. Charlotte Hornets hi-res-187701198-steve-clifford-head-coach-of-the-charlotte-bobcats_crop_north
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 9th pick in the first round
– 24th pick in the first round
– 45th pick in the second round

Finally the Cleveland Cavaliers has share some of their luck, with non-other than the newly renamed Charlotte Hornets. This season they enter to the playoff for the second time in team history.  It seems the stars have align, they were able to sign Al Jefferson the key player that led them to the playoffs. Then the eastern conference collapse, some of the east powerhouse like the Knicks, the Pistons and the Celtics where left out of the playoffs. After their playoff run, the NBA lottery comes, they Cavs jump from 10th to 1st making the Pistons lose their draft pick to the Hornets now at the 9th spot ready to add another piece. This team need to improve their offence, they were 24th in the league in points per games they only have Al Jefferson that can score inside the paint.
Really looking forward how can they improve and take advantage of the east weakness.


DeMarcus Cousins

8. Sacramento Kings
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 8th pick in the first round

The Sacramento Kings are desperate to make it to the playoff. On December they made a trade for Rudy Gay from the Toronto Raptors, upgrading their SF position. They made a little run in the half of the season but quickly ran out of gas. And they just went straight to the lottery. This team is the definition of chaos, they don’t have discipline, leadership, defense and a decent front office. Unfortunately this team has grown a toxic environment that most of the rookies and veterans they bring in they become under-achievers. That is a deep hole to escape from. I think this team should use the 8th pick to lure other teams into trade conversations, if they stay with the pick they should pray that a guy like Marcus Smart fall to their laps.

(Day-3) The 3 wild cards of the draft.


Maurice Harkless(21), Victor Oladipo(5), Andrew Nicholson(44) & Kyle O’Quinn(2)

12. Orlando Magic
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 4th pick in the first round
– 12th pick in the first round

The Orlando Magic a young dynamic team, which has been on rebuilding mode since they traded Dwight Howard. This team  have been quiet all season long. As a team they have a lots of pieces they can move or develop. Victor Oladipo and Arron Afflalo two keys dynamic players on the offensive end and the defensive end. Nikola Vucevic have shown good potential at the Center position. Sometimes it may seems that the Magic don’t have a set direction. They need to figure out what to do with Oladipo, if they play him at the PG position or at the SG position, will they play Afflalo at the SF, with his lack of strength and undersize against other Fowards. With the 12th you are almost scratching the bottom of the barrel when it comes to star potential, at that range you may not get heavily criticized if they hit or miss.


Kenneth Faired(35) & Ty Lawson(3)

11. Denver Nuggets
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 11th pick in the first round
– 41st pick in the second round
– 56th pick in the second round

In my opinion the Denver Nuggets are the wildcard in the lottery, they can go either way to a next season playoff run or blew the hole team.
With recent rumors the Nuggets would trade  Kenneth Faried along others to acquire Minnesota’s Kevin Love. They been quiet all season long like the Orlando Magic and are in somewhat related position where they both have good pieces, but not enough to make a playoff run. With one mayor difference, the western conference is brutal, you must have a superstar caliber of a player or a perfectly assemble team in order to at least contend for an 8th or 7th spot. I think it was a bad idea to fire their previous coach George Karl when they have key players to build their roster around that is Ty Lawson at the PG and Kenneth Faried at the PF. This team should continue to build with an up tempo playing style. A must address situation is the perimeter shooting there are two guys in this draft that can help them, Doug McDermott from Creighton University or Nik Stauskas from University of Michigan.

10. Philadelphia 76ers     Samhinkie
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 3rd pick in the first round
– 10th pick in the first round
– 32nd pick in the second round
– 39th pick in the second round

Sam Hinkie my favorite GM after R.C Buford and Sam Presti. This GM is an asset collector, he is not afraid to pull the  trigger on a trade, you never know from   where he might come. In the resent weeks there have been rumors about trading the 12th pick packaged with Thaddeus Young, with the goal to move up in the draft. If they aren’t able to trade up the pick they would just take the best player available no matter if he doesn’t  fit with the roster. The plan for next season would be probably the same as this season, get deep in the lottery acquire the best talent available.

(Day-2) Rising Suns and from Minnesota with Love.


Morris Twins, Eric Bledsoe(2) & Goran Dragic

14. Phoenix Suns
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 14th pick in the first round
– 18th pick in the first round
– 27th pick in the first round
– 50th pick in the second round

This past season the Suns where on the verge to become a Cinderella team if the completed their utterly unexpected playoff run, just falling one game behind the eighth spot. When the season started every move they made suggested that they will be tanking the season. They started trading Luis Scola to the Indiana Pacers for two players that were riding the bench. Then traded their Center Marci Gortat to the Washington Wizards for 3 players that they cut out of the roster and Emeka Okafor that was out of the season due to injury. Essentially they gave him away for free. In my opinion I really felt joy that they landed in the lottery. Like I said this draft is considered the best in over a decade.

Let’s talk team needs. This team already have a solid starting lineup with, Eric Bledsoe at the PG,
Goran Dragic at the SG, Miles Plumlee at the C and a decent support cast with the Morris twins, Gerald Green and Channing Frye. This team is young and athletic, they have lots of picks that they can use in a trade to get a veteran player to help this kids develop. If they keep the picks they should definitely get some backup at the Guards position, a backup Center or maybe a wing player.


Kevin Love

13. Minnesota TimberWolves
● 2014 NBA draft picks
– 13th pick in the first round
– 40th pick in the second round
– 44th pick in the second round
– 53rd pick in the second round

Oh, Minnesota… Where do I start form? Things don’t look very good up in the north. The TimberWolves hold a ten year playoff drought.  In my opinion that is the result of a bad front office management. They have been missing a lot with their draft choices. I would say it started in 2009 when they had four first round picks and use three to select a PG, instead have a more open approach to the draft. The next year they are at the draft with the 3rd pick overall, and the miss again. On 2011 the hit familiar territory known as the lottery and came up this the 2nd pick overall and another miss. Unfortunately the come empty handed in the 2012 NBA draft with no picks in the first round. They found their way in the 2013 draft with the 9th pick they selected Trey Burke, then traded later to the Utah Jazz for the 14th and 21st picks. In my opinion a nice trade for both teams. In this year’s draft is uncertain of who they may pick, they are in a spot where a talented player may fall to their laps.

Here is where things get complicated their Star player Kevin Love a high value target for other teams, will be a free agent next on the 2015 summer. This is when the panic alarm start to sound. A ten year playoff drought and you star if on the verge to leave the team. If I’m the GM of the Twolves I would be calling teams and listen to what they have to offer, YOU CAN’T repeat what the Lakers did with Dwight, the Cavs with LeBron, and Raptors with Bosh, star walks out and let your franchise empty handed.

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(Day-1) When tanking have been the solution?

During this season there have been some notorious teams for tanking. The Philadelphia 76ers went on a 26 losing streak in order to challenge the Milwaukee Bucks for the worst record in the league. At the end of the season it was the Bucks that stand with the worst record and the precious 25% at the first pick in the draft. Fun fact the last time a team with the worst record won the number 1 pick was in 2004! If you check the past lottery winners, it doesn’t make sense to tank for the worst record. It makes me think are General Managers really that desperate for a miracle? They know that tanking puts on bad reputation for your team and for the league. That have generated some discussions about changing the way the lottery works, but in my opinion this system It is probably the most “least punishing” for teams that are truly struggling. It’s a complicated problem that may require a complicated solution that in the end, the league may not take action.

In this article they provide nice ideas and some extreme ones. I liked the idea of evening out the lottery odds between the 14 teams. The other idea is a 14 team tournament for the draft seeding. Both ideas a good, but like I said it punish struggling teams, teams that have health issues, locker room and off court issues and so on. I have come up with a sort of a hybrid between the current lottery system, evening out the odds and a 14 team tournament. Like I said a complicated problem requires a complicated solution, here it goes. they should distribute 58% instead of distribute the 100% of the ping pong balls according to your season record,  the change would look something like this:

Seed           Chance at #1 pick     Percentage
1                    152                                   15.2%
2                    121                                   12.1%
3                    90                                      9.0%
4                    63                                      6.3%
5                    52                                      5.2%
6                    39                                      3.9%
7                   19                                       1.9%
8                   10                                       1.0%
9                    8                                        0.8%
10                 7                                        0.7%
11                 6                                        0.6%
12                 5                                        0.5%
13                 4                                       0.4%
14                 4                                       0 .4%

The other 42% should be given in a 14 team tournament. Let me show you how it could turn out. It would be like a March madness format, one game elimination.  Since there are 14 teams, two teams with the best record, one from the west and one from the east, will have an automatic pass to the second round. In the opening round a team from the east must face a team from the west, which the match ups would maybe randomize or just have like playoff seeding and the team that had a winning percentage against his opponent , would be granted home court advantage.

14-team-tournament-bracket (1)


This might be a complicated solution but, it eradicates tanking . Plus the notion that you have to fight for something, adds more emotion to the draft and finally rewards teams with the 9th seed on their respective conference.

If your to the Draft, expect the unexpected, nothing is real until it comes out of the mouth of the commissioner and will be an emotional day for this young student-athletes all around the globe.

If you are new to the lottery process here is a link that explains how it works.

Well this are my two cents on the lottery tanking issues. I will be back tomorrow  previewing the number 14 Phoenix Suns, number 13 Minnesota Timberwolves . Feel free to leave some feedback on my idea and other suggestions.

NBA Draft

Hello NBA fans all around the world!I will be writing a daily blog for an English assignment so  my the topic of choosing will be the NBA draft. I’ve been watching the NBA since I was 7 years old and started getting interested in the draft by the age of 11. As some of you may know in June, 26  is my favorite day as a fan of the NBA and maybe the most important day for your favorite team. That’s right baby, the 2014 NBA Draft! This year’s draft is the most anticipated in over a decade. So I decided to jump in give my insight on what teams are doing and things they could do. In the next days I will have a look over teams that are in the lottery and discussing my opinion on the lottery aspect. With the previews I will be “talking” about: prior draft choices, the team roster, who they should consider to draft and propose some crazy trades. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.